Meditating as a Means of Connection

Meditating as a Means of Connection

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Have you ever felt like you’re just a part of a bigger story that’s playing out before your very own eyes? Have you ever felt such a potent memory of a moment that just took place –  as if you’ve seen it in a dream before – déjà vu. Have you ever imagined the universe as the neurons firing in the brain of God?

There are countless perspectives, thoughts and perceptions regarding who we are, how we got here and what’s actually taking place in this human existence. What a marvelous mystery to behold – the complexity of our various experiences and perspectives. The common theme throughout humanity is a deep desire to know, to discover truth and to explore those perceived truths. In the exploration of the mysteries of life, surrender is truly healthy to incorporate as we weave together our beliefs.

Every scientist, researcher and explorer benefits from a healthy dose of curiosity. Saying, “I don’t know,” and holding one’s beliefs gently enough to allow new information to flow in. 

Imagine a group of explorers standing in front of a raging river. They need to pass over it, but it’s much too strong. The river was not listed as being so large and impassable on the map. Imagine if the explorers refused to receive the information before them. They refused to accept that the map could be wrong. They forged ahead and were swept away by the currents.

How might we too put ourselves in precarious situations just like those explorers, simply because we’ve clung so tightly to what we expected to happen, what we “knew” to be true… that we could not see clearly and integrate the information before us. 

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Being open to input keeps us connected. 

When it comes to connection, we first experience connection to ourselves. From that foundation, how we connect to the world around us is established.

Life experiences inform our relationship to the concept and experience of connection. How we bond with our parents and our early formative years create neural pathways, stories, patterns. As we move into our adult years and embark into the world on our own, we source our originally established neural networks and rely on those established patterns to keep us safe in the present. 

Ironically, we are generally unaware that we are operating based upon neural networks established in our earliest years. The way I view myself, the stories I tell myself about my worth, my value, my place in the world – they all stem from my original framework regarding connection. 

The mammalian brain is wired to protect itself. When we experience disconnection and lack of safety, the brain creates new neural networks, it maps out all of the best strategies to get to safety the quickest. THESE are the patterns that often guide us as adults. These are the imprints that can keep us guarded rather than open, stuck rather than growing.

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Of course, balance is healthy – believing, trusting and knowing are vital. Just as spring and summer are necessary rhythms of life on earth – fall and winter are equally important. Letting go of old patterns, letting go of a belief, receiving new information with curiosity… These states of being allow us to grow and empower us to live in balance. 

Near-death experiences are often powerful reset points. The brain patterns are jolted out of their usual course, the soul leaves the body, the body then receives the soul back and often new skills, perspectives, knowledge and wisdom are downloaded, so to speak. The brain gets re-wired!

What if you could reset your negative patterns? What if you could heal and recalibrate your original relationship to connection? Perhaps a life trauma keeps you feeling disconnected or defensive, or a negative view of self keeps you in a spin. 

I have felt very disconnected – from my purpose, I’ve felt that I had to protect myself due to life experiences that left me feeling afraid and wounded. But I realized that living life afraid of connection was SO unpleasant. I was depressed! 

So, I reclaimed my connection to myself, my heart, my spirit, my joy, my Source of Life. This radically shifted my relationship to the world around me, it brought about clarity and curiosity. I got to choose how I related to myself and the world – rather than being stifled by pains of the past and fears of the future. 

I would like to offer you a practice that I used to connect to Source, God, Divine Light. This practice helped me re-wire, re-pattern and heal. Allowing me to clear my connection, my channel to God/Source. 

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Get cozy – Seated or lying down.

I recommend giving yourself at least 15 minutes to practice this. As you become more familiar, you can utilize it quickly or bask in it for an hour or more!

Eyes closed

Take a few breaths.

Tune into your breath and your body. 

Set the intention to connect with yourself and Source. 

Set the intention for healing and harmony in your body and mind.

Imagine that you are in a spacious darkness.

You are standing in a pool of light. 

When that pool of light touches the soles of your feet, every atom is filled with light.
Visualize the bottoms of your feet filling with light.

As you breath in, the light moves slowly up. 

As you exhale you allow every pattern that is unhealthy to be released.

Take as long as you like to move the light up your body,

the soles of your feet, 

the tops of your feet, 


up to your knees,



Abdomen, organs, digestive system,

Chest, lungs, heart, 

Neck, shoulders, arms, fingertips,

Face, scalp, jaw.

If you become distracted, just bring your focus gently back to the breath and pick up where you left off – filling the next part of the body with light. 

Now you see and experience your body completely filled with light.

Photo: Chi Pham

Light is energy and information. Light is a source of life. When you take time to imagine each cell being activated with light, you are working with the technology of the brain and the nervous system to bring awareness to the entire body. In this state of relaxation and heightened awareness, unhealthy patterns are rewired, reset and reformatted. 

Simply by holding the intention to release negative patterns, heal your relationship to connection, connect with harmony and balance…. You are literally programming your body! Your nervous system, your neural pathways are responding to that intention and your cells are receiving that information. There are many quantum science principles that can explain how and why this works. Join me in my free training on June 10th to learn more about this practices and many more. You are more powerful than you might know! Your ability to rewire your brain is an untapped superpower. 

When someone has a NDE or a meditation-induced NDE, they travel through a portal of light, essentially turning into light and traveling to places far beyond the Earth realm. This visualization practice connects us to the same principle – returning to our Source of Light and Life. Through breath and intention we can draw the activation of life and creation into our bodies and choose the new neural networks we want to create!


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