NDE & Quantum Experiencing – What do they have in common?

NDE & Quantum Experiencing – What do they have in common?

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Quantum Experiencing has offered me the ability to reliably access states of deep peace and clarity in every moment of the day. Having lived much of my life feeling pushed and pulled by my circumstances and surroundings – it is so refreshing to face each moment with a strong sense of immovable clarity. In many ways, this practice parallels some of the experiences that Near-Death Experiencers describe. The journey of releasing one’s consciousness to move beyond the body, into realms free of personal limitation is reported by both Quantum Experiencers and NDErs, resulting in major positive impacts on their everyday lives. 

Those who have passed through the unique journey of a near-death experience have tasted liberated consciousness, gaining for a moment in time the freedom to explore the mysteries beyond this linear experience of life. Of note – those who experience this momentary break from life return with an increased sense of purpose and often with new unexplainable skills. It is reported that a new appreciation for the afterlife is experienced, thus resulting in a reduced fear of death. In the article, “Profound Impacts and Benefits of Near-Death Experiences” published by Gettysburg College, Abigail D. Reitz presents research from NDE experts like Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Khanna Surbhi and David Lester. 

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Greyson discovered that 76% of 135 individuals described themselves as “spiritual” following a NDE, an increase from an initial 16% prior to having an NDE. Surbhi’s data aligned with this, as participants of this study “reported more daily spiritual experiences after their brush with death” than those who had not undergone a near-death experience. Moody found that NDE-ers gained a sense of invulnerability or a feeling that they were destined for something special.  NDErs have been shown to become more philosophical, compassionate, and grateful. 

With Quantum Experiencing, you can learn how to access otherworldly realms and reap many of the benefits of a NDE – without physically dying or having a brush with death. See my previous post  to review how Transcendental Meditation and Ancient Buddhist Techniques support individuals in accessing powerful journeys to the beyond.

Imagine with me for a moment an enormous being surrounded by cosmic space. This being is holding an orb in one hand and a glowing square in the other. These objects represent various thoughts, memories and experiences in life. You are the giant being – observing these objects from every angle… picking them up, feeling them, noticing details and textures. You can set them down and pick up others. 

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Quantum Experiencing involves focusing our consciousness in new and more expansive ways. This often occurs through guided meditations and one-on-one guidance. This requires surrender to imagination as well as the recognition that our imagination and focused consciousness are indeed the doorway to the great beyond. When we imagine ourselves as that larger essence in the vision above – we allow our conscious mind to shed our smaller thoughts, personal stories and biases, therefore gaining access to unique perspectives. By practicing Quantum Experiencing, we learn how to hold our emotions and experiences in the palm of the etheric hand – from here we can make decisions in life based upon a more informed perspective. This is where the everyday happenings of life can be witnessed, relished, admired and understood… promoting a more balanced and harmonious day to day experience. 

Through Quantum Experiencing, I went from feeling depressed, directionless and discouraged to accessing deep joy, divine bliss and unshakable inner clarity. It all started with a choice – the choice to embrace the bigger picture, to surrender to my innate connection with All That Is – the great I AM.

It’s a great honor and joy to share this part of my journey with you. Because, you clearly have an interest in expanding your perspective and gaining insights into the world beyond our finite existence. May your questions be answered, may you trust your inner guidance and discover the mysteries of life are ready to be deeply felt and understood!


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