A Sense of Loss

A Sense of Loss

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The human experience inevitably involves grief and mourning. The challenging experiences of loss and change can be seen as rites of passage – a gateway to the next phase of life. 

Grief must be felt, witnessed, held, released – in order to heal, accept and move forward. 

Mourning must be given space to ebb and flow – allowing the emotions to be released and understood. 

Loss cannot be avoided – it is a vital part of Nature’s cyclical balance… creating space for new growth.

Change cannot be stopped – it teaches us and grants us the opportunity  to embody the profoundly beautiful intricacies of Divine Creation.

Have you moved through the following experiences?… 

A Near Death Experience
Death of a Loved One
An Unexpected Life Change

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I’ve certainly experienced unexpected life changes and trauma that have left me feeling overwhelmed and alone. I’ve also practiced Meditation Induced NDE’s, which have resulted, at times, in a sense that others just can’t understand what I’ve seen and experienced on the “other side” of the veil.

When we emerge on the other side of these life-changing experiences, it can be challenging to integrate the plethora of emotions, the nameless visions and sensations and the unique inner journeys that take place. Yet, there is a deep human desire to belong – to both understand and to be understood. When this need is not met and unifications between our inner and external world is not expressed, that inability to integrate an experience can result in emotional and mental disharmony. 

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease published a study by Dr. Bruce Greyson called, “The Near-Death Experience as a Focus of Clinical Attention”. In which Dr. Greyson shares case studies of four individuals from varying age groups, beliefs and walks of life who had profound NDE’s which resulted in PTSD, depression, anxiety, confusion, frustration, disconnection and a sense that those around them couldn’t understand the complexity of their experience. 

On the other side of profoundly life-changing experiences, it can seem beneficial and even necessary to harden ourselves… to protect ourselves from the pain. We may tell ourselves,  “No one wants to see my grief,” or “I need to handle this alone.” We may brace against change, aiming to avoid the pain of loss.

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Where are we taught how to process major life events in a healthy way?

How do we integrate the deep inner world of nameless emotions in the midst of everyday external demands of life?

Have you ever felt that you don’t have the ability to hold all the intricacies? Have you chosen to shut down the inner world and drown it out with distractions?

It is innate to the human experience to hold complex, polarizing intricacies. Unfortunately, we aren’t handed a manual on how to balance and integrate these experiences.

What if you were handed that manual – a reliable guidance system, a tool kit – offering you the support you need to face the rites of passage we call change and loss? 

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How might it improve your life to feel confident that whatever life throws your way, you can meet it with deep peace?

Whether it’s an NDE, life trauma, an unexpected life change, the death of a loved one… we all need reliable tools to integrate and understand the unique challenges on our life path.

I practice The ALIGN Method – which has given me a simple process to take myself from stressed, anxious, upset, dissociative, (you name it!) – to a place of deep clarity and peace. 

  1. Acknowledge & Accept – my emotions, sensations, life experiences.
  2. Let go – how to release the emotions and sensations rather than getting stuck or lost in them.
  3. Integrate – understanding the nervous system and learning to work with it to reach equilibrium and harmony.
  4. Grounding – how to reclaim my power and activate an immovable centered clarity.
  5. New Neural Networks – creating new patterns and choosing my state of being.

We cannot control what life throws our way…. But we can control how we process that information!

Whether you’ve been through a NDE or an unexpected life change… I just want to inspire you to remember that you have the power to integrate, harmonize and reclaim your joy and peace. 


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