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Dr. Raymond Moody

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Do you have questions about the loss of a beloved or how best to recover from grief and the heartbreak of loss—or  want to know more  about the psychomanteum, near-death, shared-death or after-death experiences?

I would be honored to share with you over four decades of experience and wisdom as a psychiatrist, philosopher and near-death researcher.

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When I began my research into 

near-death experiences in 1968, 

I was a skeptic and an atheist.


Now I am neither.


What convinced me after 50 years of investigating near-death experiences?


As an M.D. and a Doctor of Philosophy, I could no longer deny the survival of consciousness after hearing thousands of accounts from patients and doctors.

The Veil

Coming in 2021!

An excerpt from an interview filmed for ‘The Veil’… A documentary that will explore what religion, science, and those who have died and come back, have to teach us about life after death.

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What people are saying...

Filled with timeless wisdom and mind-bending philosophical discussions, Dr. Moody combines his immense knowledge of philosophy and the human condition while sharing heartwarming personal stories of his experience with the divine. Dr. Moody opens the door for readers to experience a direct connection to a God of their own understanding. Highly informative and entertaining! I recommend God is Bigger Than the Bible to all seekers who yearn for a connection to a power beyond the self and to those who wish to break free from the often limiting perspectives of the modern religious structure.”


— Shelley A. Kaehr, Ph.D., author of Past Lives with Pets & Blast from the Past: Healing Spontaneous Past Life Memories

In God is Bigger than the Bible, Dr. Moody describes his personal experiences and resultant views of God. Dr. Moody clearly states his belief in God and the importance in his life of God’s Presence. From the Introduction and throughout 12 chapters Dr. Moody explores specific characteristics of God based on his personal experiences and observations. Dr. Moody’s dependence on God throughout his life is a testimony to the many loving ways that God has touched him. In God is Bigger than the Bible, this reader was encouraged to look for God in similar details of day-to-day living.


— Steven Rekedal, Amazon Review

Poignant. An easy read filled with heavy insight based on years of practical experience. I highly recommend this book for those wanting to continue learning. 

— Kindle Customer, Amazon Review

A deeply felt and carefully reasoned discussion…

God is perceived to be nothing less than a universally compassionate creator for whom we are, quite literally, stories. God is interested only in making us more loving in this concept.

These viewpoints are refreshing and often original.

Nadine Harris, Amazon Review


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Brief Guide to Grief

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The 2nd Annual NDE Summit

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The New Life After Life Institute


Our newly formed nonprofit, supports innovative research into the exploration of consciousness. Learn about our latest projects and let us know about your research ideas.


A 501c3 supporting development and distribution of scientific investigation into life after life

The Final Words Project

researching the language of the dying

An excerpt taken from an interview filmed for “The Veil”. A documentary that will explore what religion, science, and those who have died and come back, have to teach us about life after death. Coming soon in 2021.

Interviews with Innocence

an inquiry into what we can learn from the spiritual experiences of children

Marla Hughes investigates children’s accounts of past lives, descriptions of Source, uncanny intuition, and the wisdom and innocence they share after near-death experiences.