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Life After Life

Life After Life

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Life after LifeGlimpses of Eternity


Meet the man who blazed the trail
& those who have followed in his footsteps.

When Raymond Moody MD, PhD began his research into near-death experiences in 1968, he was a skeptic & an atheist.

Now he is neither.

Discover what the medical doctor and philosopher learned in 50 years of investigating near-death experiences and how the research changed his mind.


For the first time ever, and seen nowhere else, Dr. Raymond Moody interviews the very people who changed his mind about the survival of consciousness. Learn about the convincing research and the astonishing accounts that strongly point to a life after life.

Included with the recorded interviews are book excerpts from guests along with experiential exercises.  Most importantly, when you purchase, you receive a special invitation to join Dr. Moody for a live webinar of interactive question and answer on October 19, 2019 from 12-1 ET.

$79 for over 7 hours of interviews, book excerpts, exercises and meditations, and a bonus live interactive webinar with Dr. Raymond Moody during which your questions will be answered.

Bestselling author and pediatrician Dr. Melvin Morse has played an important role in validating Dr. Moody’s  findings through his groundbreaking research into the near-death experiences of children.

In this presentation, Morse answers the question, "Are NDEs real?" by sharing what he has discovered about the science of these extraordinary phenomenon.  In this compelling recording, Dr.  Morse demonstrates that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive as he provides  a wide range of evidence that, indeed, near-death experiences are much more than tricks of the brain.

$19 for this information-packed presentation that will change your view of both science and spirituality.

Tricia Barker had a powerful near-death experience after a car accident took her life. The experience inspired her to write Angels in the OR  about the world she encountered beyond this one that included a beautiful river, like the one in the image above. 

In this series of interviews, Tricia speaks with David Ditchfield, who was killed by a train and returned to life to compose a beautiful symphony revealed to him through his experience, and Tony Ciccoria, an MD, who also returned with a new musical gift. Hear the story of  Lesley Lupo whose NDE brought her insight into how our souls guide our lives on earth, and of other near-death experiencers who were transformed by their afterlife experiences and are now healers, artists, and teachers who have brought a little heaven back to earth for all of us to enjoy.

The summit also includes conversations with researchers as to what the science tells us about the NDE. These include Dr. Raymond Moody, Paul Perry, Lisa Smartt, and Dr. Jeffrey Long whose research into over 3,000 people who have died and returned to life offer an in-depth overview of this fascinating phenomenon. 

Join Tricia for this inspiring and informative collection of 13 interviews followed up by a recorded Q & A where viewers’ questions are answered.

$59 for the complete package with book excerpts, guided meditations, and exercises.


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of scientific investigation into life after life

Our newly formed nonprofit, supports innovative research into the exploration of consciousness. Learn about our latest projects and let us know about your research ideas.

The Final Words Project

researching the language of the dying

Interviews with Innocence

an inquiry into what we can learn from the
spiritual experiences of children

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