The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender

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After undergoing a near-death experience, many describe feeling connected to a greater understanding of life. How poignant – to recognize that once we let go of life, we can more fully appreciate and understand it. 

As a singer, I have experienced the power of letting go and opening to a greater intelligence. When I have clung on to perfection, I create disconnection. When I am in a state of tension and force – trying to control the voice and make it sound exactly as I desire, I end up inhibiting the body’s natural ability to create sound with ease. 

You see, the body is designed to both create and amplify sound. As a classically-trained opera singer, I’ve experienced the magic that occurs when I allow my body to align, my breath to flow and then the acoustic chambers in the throat and the mouth to amplify the sound of the voice. When I let go and allow divine intelligence – something greater than myself – to flow through me both physically and figuratively – my voice is naturally amplified and can  fill an entire hall without even a microphone!

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If I allow too many thoughts to cloud my mind – I constrict muscles that should be relaxed.

If I try too hard – that tension translates directly to the sound I create and the audience can feel that unnecessary tension.

True brilliance is witnessed in legendary singers when they fully let go and allow creative energy to flow through them.

In a NDE, a person has completely let go and been swept away by the cosmic mystery of life. What a gift to be brought back from such an experience – and what a unique path, to integrate the feeling of complete freedom back into the body and everyday life. 

I find that trying hard, pushing and straining, can be mistaken as strength or worthiness. We are often imprinted to believe that in order to experience joy and bliss, we must struggle and suffer. 

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Join me in a mental exploration – perch beside me and take this unique perspective for a spin!

Side by side, you and I sit. Witnessing someone’s consciousness leave their body – whether it’s through meditation, a NDE, a spiritual experience, a dream…. What we are seeing is total surrender. There are many soft colors swirling about and the feeling of limitless light is surrounding us. 

What does this bring up for you? Anxiety, fear, discomfort? Curiosity, desire, excitement?

Experiencing the divine wisdom that is held beyond our personal physical experience requires letting go. I invite you – as you are washing the dishes, folding the laundry, settling in for sleep… explore within yourself the question, “How comfortable am I with letting go and trusting divine intelligence to inform me?”


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