Looking Back at The Light Beyond

Looking Back at The Light Beyond

The Light Beyond is a 2016 “Talkumentary” with Raymond Moody, MD, on Life, Death, and the Pursuit of the Afterlife

Dr. Raymond Moody named and defined the near-death experience, created the field of medicine known as “near-death studies,” wrote Life After Life, the mega bestselling book that captured the world’s attention and changed the way we view death and dying, and then reached into realms of the spirit that made him even more of a paranormal pioneer.

And that is only part of Dr. Raymond Moody’s incredible story, one he tells himself in The Light Beyond, a “talkumentary” produced and directed by bestselling author and filmmaker Paul Perry.

“A near-death experience is an episode of transcendent consciousness that takes place when someone almost dies but is revived. It is – without a doubt – a glimpse of eternity.”  ~Dr. Raymond Moody

In this compelling film, Moody talks about proof that we survive bodily death, his unique concept of God, and controversial research he has conducted into contacting the dead, even astounding proof that we can share another’s near-death experience. And in amazingly candid conversation, he talks about his own attempted suicide and the near-death experience that followed, an event that revealed to him the true meaning of life.

Join Dr. Moody as he opens his mind to reveal the thoughts and processes that make him the most intriguing of all paranormal researchers.

THE LIGHT BEYOND: A Talkumentary with Raymond Moody, MD, on LIfe, Death and the Pursuit of the Afterlife from Paul Perry on Vimeo or available on Amazon.

Photo by Sam Schooler

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Dr. Raymond Moody


Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D. is the world’s leading authority on the near-death experience. For nearly 50 years he has researched, interviewed, written and lectured on the subject of what lies beyond this life and what happens to those left behind.

He is also the bestselling author of eleven books which have sold over 20 million copies.