One-on-One with Dr. Raymond Moody

What might you learn from the man who wrote Life After Life (1975), the international bestseller that changed the conversation about death and dying?

Do you have questions about the loss of a beloved—or near-death, shared-death or after-death experiences?

Want the opportunity to speak personally with one of the most important pioneers at the frontier of science and spirituality?

Enjoy a phone consultation with paradigm-shifting Raymond Moody.  Raymond has a Ph.D. in philosophy and an MD, with a specialization in psychiatry and coined the terms near-death experience, shared-death experience, and psychomanteum.

Raymond offers grief recovery sessions as well as exploration of humankind’s greatest questions.  His intellectual wisdom spans across disciplines while his compassion for the frailties of the human heart is profound. Treat yourself to a conversation with the man who has blazed the way to greater insight and understanding about what exists beyond the veil.

The cost of a one-hour private phone consultation is $300.

This is a TWO STEP Process. Please schedule your consultation at the best available time for you in the available time slots.  Then, from the confirmation email you receive, please click on the link in the email to make your payment for your private session.

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