Book Coaching with Lisa Smartt

Do you have an idea for a book?

Every week, I receive emails from people who want feedback on their book ideas.

And every week, I am saddened that I do not have the time to read everyone’s submission and offer helpful guidance or words of wisdom.

For that reason, I thought it might be beneficial to others to offer a reading service from someone I turn to

when I want inspiration and feedback: Lisa Smartt, MA.


Lisa is the co-founder of and Life After Life Institute and has offered me support and feedback on several writing projects.

Lisa is now working with me on my book God is Bigger than The Bible.


No writer can do it alone. 

We all need input, guidance and editorial suggestions.
If you have an idea for a book, 
a writing consultation may be just the thing to turn your idea into a reality.

Lisa Smartt offers a

FREE 30-minute 


Would you like the support that will bring your dream to life?

Having a book idea and following through on it is one of life’s most exciting endeavors. Ask Lisa Smartt. Several years ago, Lisa became curious about final words after observing unusual changes in her father’s end-of-life language.

She began researching the topic, then pitched the idea to a publisher, and delighted in seeing Words at the Threshold become an Amazon bestseller and enjoyed publication around the world.

Recently, Lisa published Veil and Cante Bardo and offers editorial support and kind guidance to many, including myself. Lisa brings practical know-how as a published author and 30 years teaching experience as an English professor, adult educator and writing coach.



Guidance to get you closer to publishing your book
Personalized feedback that lights your way
Practical tools and suggestions to get you to the next level
SUPPORT THAT WILL bring your vision to life

Lisa Smartt, M.A.

The Coach

Lisa’s love for language and the creative process led to her earning an MA in creative writing and an MA in educational psychology. She has written seven books including the bestselling Words at the ThresholdVeil, Cante Bardo, Diet for a Broken Heart, and Lessons in Lullabies.

For 30 years she has been an author, English professor and adult educator.

Lisa has worked with Raymond Moody since 2013 and is honored and delighted to be co-founder of Life After Life Institute and Life After Life website.

BOOK Coaching Testimonials

If you are interested in writing a top-notch book, Lisa Smartt should be in your corner. Lisa brought the energy of joy and vitality into my writing life when I needed it the most. As an author of five books herself, she had the knowledge to steer me in all the right directions from beginning to end. Lisa was patient, steady and kind throughout the process, making this new writer feel comfortable and confident in the complex world of book publishing. In all honesty, count yourself a lucky writer if Lisa Smartt is on your team!
Rev. Eliza Grace Alder
Rev. Eliza Grace Alder
Author of "Mary Speaks - Beloved I Want To Tell You My Story"
Lisa is my writing midwife, champion, and soul reader and now, friend. She has worked with me through the writing of eleven books, and has been at my side as my work and my writing has becme increasingly well-known—including being featured this year in Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s leading futurist.
Both her patience and astute knowing of when I need cajoling, a swift kick or what hearted-reassuring praise make the process of writing my life's work, an experience I relish and cherish. Lisa is able to ride my undulating multi-dimensional creative process with me while keeping us focused and on target to birth my work into the world. Lisa is a 'find' who encourages me to shine.
Karen Sands
Karen Sands
Master Coach & Best Selling Author, "The Ageless Way"
You know that super-charge feeling you get when a thunderstorm is coming? Sitting with Lisa, planning a project is like that. Every fiber of your being vibrates with creativity and excitement. Ideas come in to both of you at the same moment, as if you are both channeling the Truth that wants to be written. Then she magically grounds it with outlines and makes it easy and fun to create a finished work. I've worked with her on two projects now, and I heartily recommend her!
Satya Lila
Satya Lila
Author of "Gift of the Loss" Online Video Course
Lisa offers a balanced blend of compassion, accountability, and the special gift of 'seeing' to her coaching clients. She held both my insecuritites and my gifts with an equal dose of loving kindness and clear, intentional truth-telling. Her presence as a mentor and writing/creativity advocate irrefutably changed my life and my writing.
Kelli McConnell
Kelli McConnell
Reiki Master, Author & Educator

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