Soul Plans with Alicia Young

Soul Plans with Alicia Young

Welcome to our new monthly column on pre-birth Soul Plans by Alicia Young. We believe you’ll find her an exciting perspective and a welcome voice on Dr. Moody’s blog. Enjoy!

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Thank you for joining me here. By way of introduction, I am an author and journalist who had a spiritually transformative experience (STE). In short, I left my body and met the soul of a little boy, ‘Bobby’, who was lovingly determined to send a message to his grieving mother; I was no more than a go-between. I was permitted to observe one of Bobby’s pre-birth Soul Plan sessions, in which he engaged his parents, and chose his birth order for his upcoming life. I came to realize that earlier spiritual experiences had been preparing me to be accept this.

This experience upended my life and prompted me to ultimately move from the headspace of news to the heartspace of Soul Plans. I wish I could tell you it was a clean and clear transition; in fact, I kept the experience hidden for years as I feared it would end my career (sometimes, courage is incremental!). I will be drawing on my personal journey to the Other Side; in addition, I will reference thought leaders and other metaphysical writers.  

I present this column in a spirit of service, and in the hope of furthering the conversation around our human experience as souls. Please humor me as I state the obvious: no-one can claim to be the final word on the Other Side (or even a singular aspect), and you won’t find any such claim here. My experience simply gave me startling insights that I did not have before, and I feel compelled to share them. Let me add: I present my experiences and views in good faith. You may well have a divergent belief system, or a dramatically different experience of the Other Side—and I respect your right to disagree. I also welcome your questions; please scroll below for my email address.

Let’s get started!

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What is a Soul Plan? 

In the spirit of inclusion, let’s assume that at least a few among us are new to the idea of pre-birth Soul Plans. You might also hear it referenced as a pre-birth plan, or a divine chart. Whatever its name, this celestial blueprint reflects the key people and events in our upcoming life. Soul Plans are stored in the Akashic records, and as explained by Edgar Cayce ( in his time, a reputable medium would draw on these records to help discern upcoming events. 

I believe that we exist and travel in soul groups numbering from several dozen to several hundred souls. Within this spiritual cohort, we often feel drawn to a smaller core of souls with whom we keep returning as we play out various roles. For example, if in this lifetime you are chronically ill and are cared for by your partner or adult child, you might agree to swap roles in an upcoming life. This is not ‘payback’ as such (written with a smile, not a scowl), but a chance to deepen your understanding by experiencing the complementary role within a given dynamic. Where once you might have been bathed or dressed, or had decisions made for you, next time around you will have the chance to experience being the person who delivers these services. You will have the opportunity to stretch and grow by meeting another’s needs in ways that (depending on the day) might be loving and patient or rushed and dismissive. 

We choose our entry points to this upcoming life—pivotally, of course, in selecting our parents; if we are to have any siblings, we also choose our birth order. I observed that each soul enjoys complete free will as to what role they adopt, and how their chosen life lessons will dovetail with those of others in their family unit.

While crucial, selecting our family members is only the beginning; we also choose the era, country, and culture to which we will belong, as well as our socio-economic group. We might further design the presence or absence of a faith, and the intensity to which that will feature (if at all).

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Given Divine Balance, we also plan a handful of potential exit points (perhaps a car accident, an illness, or a seemingly random or ‘freak’ event). We’ll be exploring these more in future columns. For the moment, let me say respectfully that however deeply we register the loss of a loved one, each soul departs right on time—for them. For us, the experience might well be shocking and deeply unsettling, sparking all manner of changes and reactions on our own path. Even amid the pain (perhaps, especially amid the pain), the Universe is gifting us chances to evolve spiritually.

Why consider Soul Plans at all? 

Soul Plans can take away the feeling of being ambushed by sudden (often unwelcome) change. It infuses meaning where there initially appears no rhyme or reason for an event in our lives.

We’ve all felt times in life when we just can’t seem to catch a break; each stumble seems to take a little more effort for us to recover and get up again. Other times, we can be overwhelmed by so much swirling around us; seemingly random events or developments can wear us down and we feel caught in survival mode.

In the face of these challenges, we can feel that the Universe has it in for us. And while it’s only human to nurse our hurts, it doesn’t help us or honor us to stay mired in that mindset. Instead of asking, “Why me?” we might consider, “What if? What if I designed this situation?” This equips us with a fresh perspective and reclaims our power to move from victim to a powerful soul who is here to learn, stretch, and grow. The awareness of a Soul Plan equips us with a steady core on the inside, as tumult  swirls on the outside.

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Do we get help to design our Soul Plans? 

Very much so. During my STE to the Other Side, I observed angelic beings and spirit guides who lovingly prodded their charge with questions around his Soul Plan. What broad themes did he have in mind for his upcoming life? What key relationships would he design to help bring about spiritual growth (using soul contracts)? Were significant events crowded together and if so, might it be worthwhile to space them out a bit? And perhaps most touching: Was Bobby packing in a little too much this time around?

My understanding is that angelic beings are their own species, as such. Spirit guides, on the other hand, had previously lived lives as humans and fully understood the pressures and stressors of earthly life, and overflowed with wisdom and empathy for the challenges we might design.

I look forward to unpacking these ideas more in future columns. Please join me.


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Alicia Young is an Australian broadcast journalist and author who met her guardian angel at age three.  She has written six awarding-winning nonfiction books (and is working on her seventh title). The latest, Visit from Heaven: A Soul’s Message of Love, Loss & Family recounts a transformative experience in which she met the soul of a little boy on the Other Side. Today, she speaks and consults on Soul Plans around the world, both privately and to groups (often virtually, in a Covid-19 world). Learn more at Alicia welcomes your questions at: (her central email address). This column does not seek to substitute professional support.


  1. Kim Collie

    Alicia, thanks for a notably clear story on life plans. I’m still struggling w/ the idea of planning trauma & deciding to take on a life of misery. I have had little of that to deal w/ beyond bad love affairs, but what went wrong there is usually obvious w/ some honest examination. Beyond that, I guess time will give me more perspective. Keep up the good work! I agree your line of work requires courage.

  2. Hi
    Thank you for sharing your experience
    I’m a muslim
    I can confirm some phrases of your experience
    For example, it is stated in our religious sources that spirits are groups.
    Or that humans have been in the spiritual realms before is confirmed by our heavenly book.
    The issue of fate and predestination are also concepts that can refer to the divine planning of human life.
    Even we Muslims believe that the annual plan of human life is determined on one of the nights of Ramadan called the ghadr Night .
    So the generality of your experience is confirmed in the religious beliefs of Muslims.
    Good luck

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