Soul Plans and Life Reviews

Soul Plans and Life Reviews

How did the Other Side feel?

I’m asked this a lot, understandably. And no matter how much I ponder it, I come back to a simple thought: To me, it’s the feeling of holding a loved one—say, someone you have not seen for a decade and have ached to be with—and finally wrapping your arms around them, feeling them hug you back and being enveloped in their touch and scent. Every one of your senses is on ecstatic, high alert, and you drink in the experience with delight. To me, the Other Side encompasses that feeling of utter joy, multiplied exponentially. 

There was also an experience that the ‘air’ I was breathing was infused with pure love. More accurately, it was love. I used to smile and perhaps roll my eyes when I would hear someone say, “The answer to everything is Love.” I understand that more now. I also love the question, “What would Love do now?” as a fail-safe consideration in any given dilemma.

There was also no feeling of time passing; everything seemed to be unfolding at once, and yet it somehow made sense and I accepted it that way. It was not overwhelming at all. I was not aware of a light source the way we experience the sun; there was no sun to ‘set’ to mark the end of a day, or any other period.

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Can Soul Plans be altered? 

Absolutely, through free will. And they can be altered both on the Other Side (in the process of designing them and engaging others) and later, once we arrive here. 

For example, I saw souls on the Other Side (who designed to be siblings) discuss which one would be born first. ‘Bobby’, the little boy whom I met, was weighing an upcoming life which combined both physical and intellectual limitations. Even years later, I can still feel the tears prick when I remember his brother saying, “Let me be born first. I will be your fierce protector.” Once born, that older brother still retained free will as to honor his Soul Contract, or to move in a different direction. 

I have also interviewed people who have prayed, begged, or outright lobbied their angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the Other Side to ease a worrying situation, or at least increase their capacity to weather the storm. This is something many of us can relate to.

Photo by Barth Bailey

What is a Life Review?

Many people who have survived NDEs (near-death experiences) describe a Life Review of sorts: pivotal moments in their lives presented variously as a panoramic movie, a hologram or snippets of memories appearing before them. 

I believe when we pass, we experience a joyful reunion with loved ones, both from our immediate past life, and other past lives. When we are ready, we experience this Life Review: a replay of our lives (amid the deep compassion and nonjudgement of our angels and guides). That said, I don’t believe we watch the Life Review passively. Instead, we feel everything (feelings being the language of the soul) from the perspective of the other person, animal or other sentient being. That means I expect to feel all the times I have been impatient, snappish or ‘judgey’ (eek) from the other person’s perspective, and likewise, all the times I have shown love, kindness and understanding. I keep a little sign on my desk that reads: Life Review. It helps me to ponder this future event (some days better than others) and what it might mean to relive it.

Depending on how we react to this Life Review, in time (an earthly term, I know) we begin to play around with ideas for a future life. For example, If I saw from my Life Review that I was too materialistic last time around, I might begin to consider a more modest entry point next time. This is not a punishment, though (either from my soul, others or the Universe). Rather, it is a chance for me to learn and develop less of an attachment to status symbols such as designer clothes or a mansion in the right zip-code. In this way, the Universe would be gifting me the opportunity to stretch and grow. We tend to equate material comfort with a good life, or through the prism of a reward … I believe the Universe sees us as simply playing a different role. When we see a movie or go to the theater, we might admire the prince or pity the pauper as we immerse ourselves in the performance, but that evaporates once the curtain falls.  In the same way, when we return home to the Other Side, we will leave behind these characters. 


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Alicia Young is an Australian broadcast journalist and author who met her guardian angel at age three. She has written six awarding-winning nonfiction books (and is working on her seventh title). The latest, Visit from Heaven: A Soul’s Message of Love, Loss & Family recounts a transformative experience in which she met the soul of a little boy on the Other Side. Today, she speaks and consults on Soul Plans around the world, both privately and to groups (often virtually, in a Covid-19 world). Learn more at Alicia welcomes your questions at: (her central email address). This column does not seek to substitute professional support.