SHARING THE LOVE: A Special Valentine’s Post

SHARING THE LOVE: A Special Valentine’s Post

Nancy Clark has been a dear friend of mine ever since writing to me in 1982 about a very profound near-death-like experience she had a few years earlier while delivering a eulogy – and you will shortly be reading an expanded version of that experience in the post that follows.  It is actually taken from a chapter in Nancy’s latest book, Beyond The Mystical Near-Death Experience and into the Unitive Experience. 

Nancy is the author of many books (I particularly recommend Revelations from the Light) and has devoted the last two decades to writing and teaching about the importance of NDEs and other spiritually transformative experiences.  Among other things, she is also the founder and leader of the Columbus, Ohio, branch of The International Association for Near-Death Studies.  For more information about Nancy and her books, visit her website at .

Now get ready to read one of the most enthralling and wondrous encounters with the Divine that you will ever be likely to experience.  It happened almost exactly forty years ago and was the greatest gift of Nancy’s life, which she wanted me to share with you today. 


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