What if, one day, you opened your mailbox only to find a crisp and clean, beautifully colored postcard that included a heartfelt message addressed to you from someone you dearly loved but who had passed on into the unknown tomorrow?

Wouldn’t that just be crazy?

Your postcard’s communication would be one-sided (postcard pun intended here!) short and lovingly sweet. Its imagery on the other side of the card would certainly be visually stunning, maybe symbolically familiar but definitely heartfelt.

Don’t you think such would excite your senses, invigorate your spirit while manifesting a healing vibration within your heart?  How profoundly transformative and uplifting such an experience would be… if it were only possible.

So often we hear about and read about others experiencing signs and synchronicities that appear to demonstrate evidentially how the living spirit within each of us, that conscious part of our identity self, lives on beyond the human temple which has fallen away. 

Are these persons merely gullible optimists or truly deluded automatons following the afterlife trend? Not only do both types, from atheist to fanatic, have access to a reality of higher spiritual truth, we all do.

You see, for tens of thousands of years humanity has been aware of both physical and sensorial signs around them that lead one to consider how alive the spirit world is around them. Ancient holy texts document such experiences; even modern day media discusses the many curious signs that our loved ones (and yes, our pets too) do live on in a different form in the next dimension of reality. 

Stories of a departed loved one’s favorite insect or animal appearing and/or interacting with family and friends on a particular date of importance signals to us the presence of that certain departed someone. There are even very old religious accounts of images and writings “precipitating” out of the ethers into physical form upon a wall, some cloth or even paper. How uplifting and beautiful it would be to receive such signs! These accounts of signs are so numerous today – even now on prime-time television. 

What is not as common and, is quite rare in fact, are accounts of so-called “precipitated” images or writings that are “materialized” signs of our departed loved one’s presence. It is one thing to be informed by a medium that our loved ones are around us, but it’s entirely different being able to take home physical proof of such a claim.

Materialization is a process of the spirit world becoming and shifting from its ethereal, higher vibrational aspect into a material, lower vibrational form of existence in our dimension. Precipitation of images and writings occur through a very similar process.

There exist only a few mediums alive today who have developed this rare and shockingly gorgeous spiritual ability with the power to transform saddened hearts and heal lonely persons. These mediums are highly skilled at materializing recognizable images, writings and actual signatures of our loved ones through the mediumistic gift of Spirit called precipitation mediumship. *

In this spiritual technique, spirits will dematerialize various colored pigments within the medium’s sacred box or basket (that includes crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, and paints) taking them into the spirit world only to then be rematerialized and precipitated onto blank white index cards, which act as the canvas.

The spirits intelligently (even humorously) develop images and writing without using human hands or even physical tools being picked up or levitated. Yes, I’m as serious as a heart attack!

The effects of this phenomena are profound upon the witnesses and recipients of these precipitated spirit cards. People often receive “new” images never before seen by them yet are clearly their departed loved ones. Written messages of love, continued guidance, support and encouragement echo the words that have been spoken for thousands of years by mystics, seers, yogis and prophets. These messages bring upliftment and healing to the spirit and mind of the recipients.

World religions have known of this phenomenon for thousands of years. Temples and churches were built around their relics of holy icons. For example, a 500-year-old precipitated image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is on display in the Basilica (Mexico City). How its cactus fiber canvas has not disintegrated to dust eludes scientists. Even its blue pigment is unidentifiable in chemical analysis.

On a recent trip to Spain (May 2019), I synchronistically discovered (Spirit, you rock!) a statue honoring the famous “Vera Icona” (true icon / holy image) of Jesus which precipitated on a woman’s cloth who had wiped his face while he carried his cross to the crucifixion. Other biblical accounts of precipitated writing include the Ten Commandments and the hand which wrote on the temple wall (Daniel 5:5).


“Vera Icona” – La Sagrada Familia Church, Barcelona

Over the last 11 years. I have researched hundreds of precipitated images and writings in person. One incident that stands out involved a dear friend’s daughter who had transitioned of cancer as a teenager. This mother attended a precipitation spirit circle in 2013 and received a startling “physical” image of her daughter that only existed in electronic and photonic form inside her computer.


“Avery” – card image exactly as produced by Spirit

This mother was immediately thrust into healing tears of joy knowing how her precious daughter was lovingly present and still at her side in another form. This mother went home not only with evidential and comforting words of love from her daughter, but she took home a postcard from heaven… a transformational experience that brought forth something physical and real to the touch to further prove there is no death, only a continuity of life eternal into the higher spheres of reality.

Can you imagine how profoundly moving it must be for a person to be able to hold a physical postcard…literally from their loved ones in the spirit world of life? This is exactly what happened to me Christmas of 2007.


 Mother Mary and Father Joseph (back of card)


names and signatures of spirits supporting Kevin (front of card)

The incredible phenomena of precipitation healed my mind and spirit of self-created mental turmoil as I was fearful my new metaphysical church’s teachings were eternally tarnishing my soul’s progress and drawing to me dark forces. That experience proved to me I was not a sinner; that I would not be condemned to a mythical, dark, nether region. Most importantly, I learned how I was incredibly loved for who God made me to be and that I was never alone but always guided in life by my departed loved ones, which now included angels and saints. That day I dedicated my life to sharing the beauty and transformational power to heal others which I found in this bizarrely beautiful spiritual phenomena.

I know now that when we are transformed in our spirit, it is our spiritual and karmic duty to act in ways to uplift all those around us ready for such support. Choosing to remain selfish and hide away our blessings and lessons lowers our spiritual vibration resulting in a life of “less than blessed” opportunities and experiences. Our soul becomes stagnant and life is less rich. Our spiritual light becomes dim.

I want to encourage the reader today… look back at the times that transformed your heart and soul to higher vibrations of happiness and healing. What did you learn? How did it help you grow? And how can you now take those lessons and share them with others on your path? Truly, how can you create a space that helps transforms others’ lives towards greatness?  Now THAT is how life is to be lived!   

And precipitated images are affirmation that we are not doing any of this sacred work alone.

*The precipitated images used in this blog are owned and copyrighted by Kevin Lee.

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Rev. Kevin Lee  (www.RevKevinLee.comis an author, speaker, metaphysical minister, a paranormal researcher and a certified spiritual medium based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since 2007, he has developed a successful metaphysical ministry as the Senior Minister of the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida ( Kevin has dedicated his metaphysical ministry to inspiring his audiences towards “transformational wholeness” where there is healing alignment of their body, mind and spirit through his courses, private sessions and live events.His latest 2019 community project was in creating the Life Mastery Project, an educational nonprofit branch of his ministry that teaches people “how to live” through personal development programs alongside community nonprofit partnerships. Several of his latest paranormal research articles can be found with The Otherside Press.

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