My Husband Had a Near-Death Experience. This is What He Saw.

My Husband Had a Near-Death Experience. This is What He Saw.

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Dina contacted us through the website and we wanted to share her husband’s experience (with her permission) with our readers. Enjoy. 

Date: August 8, 2020 11:10 am

Name: Dina G–

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This is my husband Diego’s near-death experience:

I was in bed, when suddenly I saw myself near the rooftop looking down at my body. I was floating, and at the beginning I didn’t recognize it. I first told myself, Whose body could it be? because it looked strange, until finally I recognized it as mine.

Then a voice told me, “Come on.”

I felt that person near me, although I couldn’t see him, and we began going up through a viaduct full of fog, which was refreshing. I saw other viaducts with people going up. As I left my body, with a sensation like passing through an ascending pathway, I thought, “I am leaving life on the planet, my life ended, this is it.”

I asked, “Did it end?” and the voice said, “It seems like it did.”

I kept on ascending until I arrived to a sort of small square. There were two beings, of whom I could see only their big eyes. I talked with them and asked them if I was leaving in a definite way. And they answered me: “Maybe yes.”

Then I asked myself, “Am I dreaming?”

The guides told me, “No, you are not dreaming, look at your family,” and in front of me were the dead persons of my family. There were also people I didn’t know and a lot of children. All of them were smiling and they were very happy to see me.

When I tried to get near them, they told me not to do it, because if I did, they would embrace me, and I would feel such an indescribable love that it would already be impossible for me to go back.

It was then that appeared an enormous prairie, in which I saw tunnels. And below, at the bottom of the tunnels, there were people ascending, and their heads looked very tiny, as though still far away.

When they finally passed near me, they saluted me and said they were friends of a friend’s family. Others were totally unknown to me, and it was ten years later that I met all of them for the first time on earth, as friends of my brother. My brother also met them about ten years after my experience.

Still I had the sensation of ascending. I talked with some beings who told me I was in a vital transition, but I could ascend further still and talk with someone who would decide if I would come back to my body or not. They said that the more I would ascend, there would be tremendous experiences and the possibility of coming back would diminish, and I asked myself if I should go on or turn back.

I entered a tube-like shape with a bright bluish fog and at once began traveling at such high speed, I got a feeling that I was at a very high altitude and very far away from where I began my trip.

Now that the speed had slowed down, a life review began – a dialogue in which I relived whatever I wished to, and then all of my life. A process of self-judging began regarding the earth life. I questioned myself and wondered what I did right or wrong, but also adopted my own defense, and then I wanted to know the reasons for everything. I became inquisitive.

Suddenly I entered inside myself and noticed that I was in a conflict of understanding, of fear (due to guilt), of overcoming and finally accepting all the occurrences and consciousnesses of each stage of my life.

I saw more groups of beings who saluted me. I noticed that no one judged me, they were all kind. I perfectly understood that what I had lived in this physical life was as important as it was unimportant.

Nevertheless, the guides allowed me an understanding of all the contradictions of that life, my actions, situations in which I felt guilty or non-guilty. Their words were precise, promoted my wellbeing, my peace; they said that “all that I felt was part of the game” – part of evolution, but that in death it didn’t have any importance.

Suddenly, with a “scandal of voices”, I understood that “everything” is valid, everything is excusable, because my position in my life on earth was just a very small one in an open game of evolution. They told me not to worry about my self-analysis because there was no judgment at all. So I understood I had to go on ascending.

The guides that accompanied me were kind, tactful, but impenetrable, inscrutable. When certain questions were asked, they answered with only a smile. The communication was by telepathy and they knew instantly what I was thinking.

Their answers were essential, sparing, concise, precise and certain. They were very calm, unadorned, frugal, and with a tender sense of humor. Everything was understood without being said.

I found myself in a place, similar to an old train station, full of beings and noise. I could ascend further because I was to talk with a being and then decide if I would go back.

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I saw people descending, going back, as others were ascending. Some people were known to me for 20 earth years, but I hadn’t seen them again. I asked them what they were doing there, and they began to explain to me the types of illnesses they had had. I also met people unknown to me then, whom I met many years later in their bodies in the earth realm. In that moment, my guides smiled.

Then there was a stage in which I had an instant loss of consciousness, but I immediately recovered in a purifying sauna. This entrance was full of light. There was no possible going back, unless I thought about the love I felt for my family on earth. I felt full of anguish and asked my guides about going back, but surprised, I heard them say “it depended on higher planes.” I had a strange feeling of marvel. A last hope for going back was left.

I felt nostalgic and tender. I had the sensation that they took my hand, and our spirits traveled at great speed, which felt cold, like refreshing menthol, full of high-pitched cosmic sounds, clear, with pure echoes, deep cosmic echoes, and a white light, almost metallic, in which we flew. Suddenly I stopped, because in the pathway, I found the dead members of my family, even my father.

There were exquisite aromas; I was breathing an oxygenated air and remembered myself as a child, drunk with the smell of orchids, jasmines, carnations and soft roses. All was warm, a foggy calm, a solid ground on which we stood firmly.

As a great surprise, a luminous, golden shape appeared. An androgynous being, shining as a sun, but not hurting my eyes. His borders were well drawn, and he was growing in size as he got near, until he became a little bigger than myself. I marveled at the greatest beauty I had ever seen, a being that overflowed any ability to understand him, to the point that I almost lost my consciousness and wanted to become just that gracious, immense, beautiful sensation.

The being was full of compassion and consolation. He was a being of pure love, wisdom, light and energy. I looked at the being face to face, in his powerful beauty and extraordinary energy, and it occurred to me that if I perceived his real shape, it would be equivalent to staying. The being surrounded me with an embrace, tender and noble, that is completely impossible to describe and that my earthly mind is incapable to translate.

I understood all, and thanked him, because everything was possible. I was facing a being that completely transcended me, of whom I was a small part, and could integrate with his kindness. He extended his hand to me, and I looked at him deeply thankful. Thankful for allowing me to freely decide, and thankful for giving me the most beautiful and marvelous experience ever.

I lowered my head, ready to accept whatever I had to, although I knew my earthly mind still wanted more experiences and to accompany my family. I inhaled an exquisite and refreshing air, and the being slowly lowered down his hand, and with deep understanding, went away.

In that runaway ecstasy, with only a thread of consciousness left, I told my guides that I humbly thanked them for having allowed me to have such an experience, and in a soft voice I told them that I still had some things to do on earth for my satisfaction. The guides told me that my life would not be easy, that the future difficulties could not be changed at all, but that it was a way to experience things, because the purpose was that I could learn and grow. I accepted.

Nevertheless, it was my eternal, universal consciousness which allowed me to make the decision without terror. Once the decision was taken, I jumped, and fell down at a horrendous speed with the sensation of a fireball. I could not stand the friction and the unbearable noise. When I could not bear it anymore, suddenly I fell down into a soft dimension similar to when one enters a warm swimming pool. I kept on descending as I listened to beautiful symphonies of crystals and tiny bells, as well as sounds of clusters of singing which were heard far away.

The guides told me telepathically, with luminous words, to relax, because I would soon arrive. Suddenly I saw myself overflying my body again. A being appeared and told me I had to go into the body. I finally dropped down with a dry and heavy fall, weighing tons, to see myself sitting on my bed with my eyes open and burning. I felt a deep pain near my heart, a pain almost unbearable, and a great difficulty to breathe. My body was rigid. I felt dizzy and the pain in my chest was intense.

The pain near my heart lasted with intensity for one hour and a half. I slept for 12 hours. When I woke up, I remembered that the guides told me how my wife, my daughter, and I would die. I saw my complete future and that of my daughter.

I was told I would only remember fragments of it in certain moments. Although I saw all my future, I shouldn’t remember it. I do remember right when things are about to happen, and they do exactly as seen before. There is no time to change anything, because the vision occurs seconds before things happen.

I also remembered that I saw my mother would have a very long illness (Alzheimer’s) and asked what could be done to avoid it. They said nothing could be done and that I had to bear the illness with patience, which together with other “bad” experiences would lead me to my consciousness’ growth. I had also been told that I would have a girl and at the same time my father would die.

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Other thoughts Diego has had about his NDE:

With my bright vision of life, I have to adapt myself. Although I understand many things about the evolution of the soul, which is why we come here, there is still a lot that I ignore. I saw my total life in all its detail physically, psychologically, and philosophically. I saw not only my past but also all my future life until my death. But I remember very little of it because I was told that if I remembered everything, then the emotional experience and the learning would be aborted.

What we pretend to be in world society is just a necessary landscape to permit the struggles of all colors to take place, with the main purpose of the evolution of the spirit in the sense of greater wisdom, love, and inner peace.

Good and evil are totally relative to the learning lessons we extract. Why do some of us have to walk through the horrors of darkness? Did we make darkness thicker? No, we just bring a humble but brilliant light, the light of vibrant consciousness.

We are predestined to walk through a predetermined path of which we remain unconscious, fortunately for most; but we are always free to grow in our own consciousness. For no matter how predetermined the path is on this earth, the soul is free to learn – or not – the lessons to evolve, to grow, to be wiser, to forgive, to love. Because these are the only purposes of the ALL-CONSCIOUSNESS to whom we belong. We will not be judged, for we only judge ourselves, which is the greatest growth.

We are here mainly to learn, to grow, and to love, even in the midst of tragedy and struggle. We will enjoy contradicting each other while we perpetuate the ellipse of infinity and eternity, under and above us.

I feel satisfied by the grace I was given to stay or leave this earth with no implication of guilt, and I also enjoy to be bathed in this earth’s tender pollen.

In presence of the light or Divine Providence, face to face, one feels exultation, celebration, revelation, bliss, elation, jubilation, glory, and on and on… for eternity.