Webinar with Dr. Raymond Moody, On Suicide

Webinar with Dr. Raymond Moody, On Suicide

Dr. Raymond Moody will be holding a live event online
on Wednesday March 17th from 7-8pm et.


(This event has been taken place. A recording of the webinar is now included with purchase of the product listed below.)

Dr. Moody will be giving a live webinar on suicide and the afterlife. He hopes to help bring a little comfort and understanding to this difficult and often devastating topic.

He will give a brief talk about the insights his long career has given him into the causes and effects of suicide and attempted suicide, in both this life and the next.

He will then be taking questions from the audience to help in gaining understanding about suicide, near-death experiences, and what lies beyond for those who commit suicide (it’s not punishment, but rather meaning) as he has come to understand it.

The talk is open to everyone who purchases his presentation video and companion PDF On Suicide.


Photo: Robin Canfield

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