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A Review of  Bonnie McEneaney’s Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11

This is a story of events leading up to 9/11 and after. Bonnie’s husband Eamon, died in The World Trade Centre. Bonnie tells the reader she was almost immediately
in touch with other 9/11 family members. They had many spiritual
experiences to share. They described that their loved ones were like her husband  Eamon who  had begun to feel in the summer of  2001 that he would die very soon. 

McEneaney discussions also revealed that others felt their loved ones were trying to make contact from across the veil.

She says that many of us belong to organized religions where we are taught to believe in a Higher Power. Although this may be so, whenever there might be signs, we can be
doubtful. We may think it  imagined, desired, or “perhaps I am not in
my right mind.” We often need and want  more proof, but this book offers more than just proof.

A good many denied these synchronistic events that it seems in
reading this, could not have been more convincing. Throughout the book
so much evidence is witnessed and experienced, one example: at the
memorial service, a thin white powder drifted down over two widows
seated together. They looked up but could not see where it came from. No
one else experienced it, but was witnessed by a friend who asked the
“recipients” why was it only falling on you?

The whole book is full of  signs and wonders, premonitions, guidance; evidence of a kind you would not believe, birds, butterflies, breezes, lights, auras, voices, almost
physical appearances.

In Chapter 6, Bonnie writes, “What about premonitions such as President
Lincoln had in a dream of his death, giving description of an
assassination. Is it possible to anticipate tragic events before they
occur as a matter of science? Do premonitions, for example, stem from
part of the human brain that we don’t yet understand?”

I cried more than once in reading this book. The first time, was, I feel
due to the solidity of the connections/communications. Here we are,
going about our daily business in a state that covers a conglomeration
of feelings, reactions, decisions. There, we are on a heavy level of
existence, left brain connection. But, all the time we are given signs,
not just occasionally. A comment, an incident, a song, or even an out
and out appearance.

These events, which may happen anywhere in the world
affects us all wherever we reside on this heavier vibration. What a

Made, we believe, before entering the solid matrix, with a
format to follow, these souls, no doubt have followed their own
particular plan, which inter-twines with the plan of others. So it goes

But is it a plan that had to be made, let’s say – a thousand years or
so before this particular incarnation, looking along the avenue of time?

Or because of humanity, not listening to the heart, had the desire to
enter into this “play” only a short time before actual incarnation. You
see, too, think about the affect we all have on each other, near or far.

What about the souls who were responsible within the plan of Bin Laden?

Are they, he, devils in disguise or evolved souls who offered to play
devil’s advocate? ; Room for thought, I think.

My words, when I cried was. ” Wake up, please let us wake up.”

My aim in sharing this with you,  covers a few points, I so want others to appreciate what Bonnie and all the others went through, for the sake of all of us. I so want The New Age, as it were to touch everyone.

MUCH LOVE, Margaret Coles