Hila Baruch’s Near-Death Experience Changed Her World

Hila Baruch’s Near-Death Experience Changed Her World

Calling it an “experience” makes it sound limited because “an experience” is momentary\temporary, but what I experienced was eternal, not momentary.

In 2014, Hila Baruch bled out following a “normal” surgery and had an NDE that changed her world. Having worked for years in Israel as a courtroom attorney, her experience left her with the knowledge that she is not who she thought she was and that she could no longer continue her work as before — realizations that were challenging at first but led ultimately to a real sense of freedom.

Excerpts from the interview:

There was nothing that scared me, to the contrary, I felt secure and that everything was going to be OK.

I do not know if I will live or die- I have no idea what will be with me, but I feel that all will be well…

And it was simply amazing- it was as if a book of memories of all the kindnesses done with this hand, inside my head…

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Nothing like this has ever happened to me: the words spoke through me- I did not feel as though I said them. The words simply spoke through me.

I felt as if I were the pure meaning of the words – it was one of the most perfect and amazing experiences in my life

because in my life I never felt the pure intent of words without effort.

It was as if someone else was speaking and I was just the meaning…

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The entire time I feel, from the moment I left the body, I feel perfect peace, love and compassion.

I feel as though

That the moon, the stars and all of the galaxies – all that exists – and all that escapes my perception- all of it is embracing me in a mighty hug.

Particles in the air love me – but they are not separate from me! They are me and I am everything and yet I am nothing – I am part of one whole -which breathes. Everything breathes as one.


While coming to terms with her NDE, Hila discovered that Israel lacked sources of support for NDEers and felt called to create a local IANDS chapter to connect with other experiencers, raise public awareness, and provide support for those struggling with the aftereffects of similar episodes. “It’s very natural to get out of the body,” she says, “but getting back to it is another story… ”

Hila Baruch founded the Israel chapter of IANDS which has a Facebook group and a Youtube channel.


  1. Good Soul

    Israel is quite innovative, where people launch creative companies easily.
    With the advanced technology and innovative thinking, once raising more consciousness toward Spirituality, it will lead to technological breakthroughs to overcome the veil between physical and spiritual world.

    Nowadays we have so much advanced technology, maybe we can invest more into that part which overcomes human limits – the disability of seeing, feeling & talking to spirits. (Such as inventing Visual cameras that capture spirits etc.)

    Or maybe also the fact that spirit researchers collaborate more with manufacturers, to bridge the gap between mind & reality.
    I’m sure it’ll be a bliss if we’re able to have spirits play a bigger role in our surroundings & daily life.

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