Giving Comfort, A Shared Death Experience

Giving Comfort, A Shared Death Experience

The following is an account of a shared death experience submitted by one of our readers. We are happy to pass her account on with her permission in the hope that you will find it enlightening and thought-provoking. It has been lightly edited.

Dear Dr. Moody,
My husband and I were just watching a documentary about you and your work. Near the end of the piece you mentioned something about what direction work in the area of life after death might proceed. I would like to humbly offer one possibility. This has more to do with the dying process itself than about events that occur immediately afterward.

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In 2008 my father-in-law lay dying in a nursing home in Vero Beach, Florida. He was around ninety-two years old, and had been a devout atheist his entire life. In his mind, death meant the termination of everything. My husband and I were and are still living in the Dayton, Ohio area, about eleven hundred miles north of him. The evening in question, Tom had just come back from visiting his father. It was eleven o’clock at night and he was fatigued, needing only to sleep. I was lying in bed awake, but as he went about the business of unpacking and getting ready for bed, my body suddenly went into a deep trance state and my consciousness left my body and went to Florida.

I found myself entering a darkened room with Martin, my father-in-law, lying very quietly in bed. A nurse had just left. I approached him and he acknowledged my presence. Since I was in my astral body, it was easy to see astrally, and I noticed that his etheric body was beginning to gather up and move up his spine toward an exit point. I realized at that moment that Martin was very close to death. He was also very afraid. I could feel it even though his exterior did not manifest any feelings. I spoke to him, “Martin, you don’t need to be afraid. I’m here as you asked of me. You will be leaving your body soon. It is a very natural process you have experienced many times before. You will be perfectly fine.” He gradually became less afraid as I spoke more words of comfort and reassurance. His etheric body found a good exit point for him, I believe around the heart chakra. At that moment he left his body and after good-byes I returned to Ohio.

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I awoke in my physical body just in time to hear the landline phone ring. The nurse called to tell Tom his father had just passed away.

This was a very powerful experience for us both. I was very moved that Martin would call on me to help him. It’s interesting that I don’t recall ever hearing his voice per se, but obviously I would not have gone had he not wanted me to.

There are traditions among the Native Americans and Tibetan Buddhist for assisting people in transition. Such individuals can literally accompany them across the threshold. It is a pity that we don’t have those traditions, but I think they exist informally. I would do more of this work if given an opportunity but I have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Since I am not a nurse or other health practitioner, it seems it would be difficult to impossible.

If you think my story would be beneficial (to your readers) by all means share it.  There are very few people I have told about this, not surprisingly, but I am happy to tell the story to a supportive and encouraging audience.

Thanks for listening to me.
Best to you,
Chris Noah-Cooper


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