Famous Cardiac Surgeon’s Stories of Near Death Experiences in Surgery

In the video below, Dr. Lloyd Rudy, a pioneer of cardiac surgery, tells stories of two patients who came back to life after being declared dead, and what they told him.


~Dr. Rudy’s Story~

(As recorded in the Great Falls Tribune)

Dr. Lloyd Rudy was inspired greatly by his uncle, a physician and war veteran.

Lloyd completed his medical internship and residency at the University of San Francisco Medical Center. He was then called to serve as a physician in Vietnam, earning the rank of captain in the Army. He saved the lives of countless soldiers under his care in his M.A.S.H. unit.

He was the youngest member of the first heart transplant team at Stanford University and a pioneer in quantifying surgical procedures that led to drastically increasing the survival rate of heart patients.

After practicing medicine for decades at Sacred Heart and Deaconess Hospitals in Spokane – and showing a special bedside manner, compassion and humor for his patients – he was called to Great Falls to start a heart surgery program so patients in Montana would not have to travel to Spokane for surgery. A grateful group of patients established the Dr. Lloyd Rudy Jr. Fan Club, and a day in August has been dedicated as Dr. Lloyd Rudy Day by Montana’s governor.

In retirement, Lloyd continued giving his time as medical liaison for the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Clinic, traveling and speaking about the connection between dental and heart health. Lloyd also continued his intellectual passion and shared his unique life stories and experiences.