Dr. Moody’s Interview with The Portal

Dr. Moody’s Interview with The Portal

David Lovegrove had a near-death experience when he was 23 that informed his experience of life and the many paths he took. He recently started a YouTube channel and book project focused on the unknown and the outer limits of the possible. Above is a video interview he conducted with Dr. Raymond Moody. Below is his description of the video and his goals for The Portal project.

Dr. Raymond Moody is famous as a pioneer of the serious scientific study of the Near Death Experiences reported by millions of people past and present, particularly since the advent of modern medicine’s ability to save lives and literally bring people back from the dead. In 1975 he published his seminal work ‘Life After Life’, which caused a huge stir amongst people who had experienced this amazing phenomenon, amongst those who wanted to believe life after death was true, and for those skeptical voices of science who wanted to believe anything but that human conscious continued after death (or even exists!).

I met with Dr. Moody by Zoom meeting twice, once as part of a group and once personally, thanks to my friend and Dr. Moody’s associate, author and linguist Lisa Smartt. Particularly because of my background as a trained Nurse, ex Christian Pastor and amateur philosopher, Dr. Moody and I really hit it off and found that we shared much common ground. On this third occasion he very generously offered to answer three questions from me related to my book (and YouTube) project ‘The Portal’.

His answers to my questions are truly remarkable and in fact might challenge your understanding of reality. Dr. Moody’s very long career and irrefutable scientific and medical background make him somebody very much worth listening to. He relates a number of remarkable stories, my favourite of which is the story that came from his innocent daughter, who when very young recalled not only being in ‘heaven’ with her friend ‘Godee’, but also waiting there for all the people she had known in a former life to pass away and come back together in that place. She then went on to relate to him, absolutely uncoached, that God had ‘push her out’ to come back to Earth to become Dr. Moody’s daughter!

Photo by Damian Markutt

THE PORTAL: Your Blissful Connection to Human Superpowers explores the concept that we, as humans, have a virtual Portal, located in and around our rear brain, that serves as an interdimensional connection and gateway between our immediately perceptible ‘real’ world and far greater dimensions of consciousness, power, and creativity.

Access to these dimensions releases the potential to bring forth what could be described as human ‘superpowers,’ including but not limited to: deep insights into the nature of reality, ‘divine’ level bliss and loving compassion that can spiritually touch other living creatures, incredible strength, physical flexibility, release from stress and anxiety, deeply inspired creativity, as well as supernormal gifts such as telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis and much more. These latter gifts, also known in yogic wisdom as Siddhis, are material yet paranormal, ‘supernatural’, or otherwise ‘magical’ powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of yogic advancement through practices such as meditation, yoga, and more.

Drawing on knowledge gained from my own unusual personal spiritual experiences (including a transformative near death experience), and a lifetime of practice and research into this subject throughout my nursing career, Chinese Kung Fu and yoga practice, and training as a visual artist, I explore a host of ways that we can connect, through our Portal, to the divine dimension and thus manifest our natural superpowers.

Through engaging narratives and illuminating stories, ‘The Portal’ will walk you through these concepts, all the while integrating the most recent research about the neuroscience of extraordinary experiences, and provide you with simple yet profound exercises at the end of each chapter.


To hear another interview with Dr. Moody, listen to Raymond Moody’s Interview with IANDS Israel.


David Lovegrove

David Stewart Lovegrove is an Australian writer, novelist and visual artist, an acknowledged Master of Internal Chinese Kung Fu, and a Yoga practitioner. After high school he trained and worked as a General and Psychiatric Nurse for a number of years, and subsequently pursued a number of other occupations including Farmer, Christian Pastor, Groundsman / Gardener, Art Sales Representative and Professional Musician. He trained as a
Visual Artist at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney (Australia’s only classical art school), and gained a Masters degree in Visual Arts from Griffith University, Brisbane.

An experienced speaker, David is very well known in the Australian literary speaking
circuit and has presented at hundreds of literary festivals around Australia.

He has a YouTube channel The Portal Superpowers where he interviews experts on the edges of human experience.

You can visit his website at David Lovegrove Art.

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