Can Songs Send Messages?

Can Songs Send Messages?

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Recently, during a group reading I was asked, “Can songs send messages?” What I extracted from that question is, are songs that we hear carrying messages with meaning? The answer to that question is overwhelmingly, YES!

Songs that you hear can be songs from your loved ones that have passed to give you comfort; or your Spirit Guides want to get your attention to help you on your path. First, I want to address what I mean by “Spirit Guides.” Spirit Guides (also known as our guardian angels) are our protectors and help guide us on this earthly plane so we can learn the lessons our soul chose before this incarnation. They ultimately want what is best for us. They want us to be at peace while we spend our time on earth, to feel loved, to spread joy and to live a full rewarding life.

Sometimes a way to do this is to send us subtle reminders through songs that we are not doing this alone, that we are steering off course and we need to pay attention, or that everything is going to be OK! Have you ever been traveling in your car after a long hard day and a song comes on the radio and reminds you of a loved one? Maybe it is that you listened to that song together or elements of that song trigger a memory of your loved one? At that moment, this is not a coincidence. This is your loved one reminding you that they are with you.

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Another example could be that you are hearing a song repeatedly and that song’s lyrics actually hold a message that your Spirit Guides or Loved ones want you to hear. For example, you might be listening to music and you hear a song but you aren’t particularly interested in that song so you flip to another station and the song comes on again? Instead of flipping the channel once more, try listening to the lyrics. The lyrics might include a message that will help you on your life’s path.

One thing I like to tell people is to not disregard the song or message as a coincidence immediately. Trust that the song you hear that provides you with comfort or joy is intended to do just that.

My advice, the best thing to do, if you hear a song that stands out to you, is to listen closely.

With love & blessings,

Lisa M.


Lisa Morrison is an Evidential Psychic Medium who brings forth information from Spirit for validation that life continues after death; as well as to bring comfort and healing to those still here in the physical realm. She is Clairaudient, Clairvoyant & Clairsentient and uses those gifts to also provide psychic insight to help you take control of your life to live up to your true potential. Lisa has studied Evidential Mediumship at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church and Montclair Metaphysical Center with numerous internationally known tutors from the US and Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in England. Learn more at