ASK RAYMOND: Judy, Anon, Cheryl, Matthew, Emanuel, Raymond, Ken, Sayward, Bertrand & Gary

ASK RAYMOND: Judy, Anon, Cheryl, Matthew, Emanuel, Raymond, Ken, Sayward, Bertrand & Gary

The design of the psychomanteum is based on the Ancient Greek Oracles of the Dead.                                                                 

 Judy My question is about mirror gazing and the idea that it is a situation, finally, where the paranormal can be predicted and measured and all that good scientific stuff. Has anyone practiced it yet?

Dr. Arthur Hastings of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology took 27 people through a three-hour session to contact a friend or loved one who had died. Half of the participants said they had felt the presence of the person they wanted to contact. While only 50 percent had an experience of contact, all of them reported less grief and more able to manage the feelings associated with their loss. One of the graduate students involved in this research, Dr. Rebecca Merz, (see video link below) will be offering a module in our upcoming prerecorded psychomanteum workshop that will be offered on our platform in  mid-summer. We will let everyone know when it is available.

Here are some links you might find helpful:

A gentleman sitting in a psychomanteum, a simple all black chamber with a reflective surface and a light

Anon Did anything negative happen to you when you practiced psychomanteum?

Surprisingly, I never did have any negative reports. I think this has a lot to do with how one creates the set and the setting. In many ways, entering into the psychomanteum is a process of suggestion, as is the case with hypnosis. People often enter an altered and more relaxed state that offers access to intuitive and creative insight. 

When one creates the context that it is perfectly normal to experience these kinds of phenomena, and does not involve anything dangerous or scary, people enter into it with a  sense of normalcy and comfort. You want your clients to see that what comes from them is within themselves.

My sense is that we simply shift our own consciousness, and it is not that the apparitions come to us, but in a sense, we come to them.

People have been practicing the rituals and processes connected to scrying and evoking  the dead for centuries. It is as natural and part of the human condition as are grief and seeking consolation.

I must add that there can be some some peculiar effects. I saw the apparitions myself when I was facilitating for others. This makes perfect sense to me—as we see this same sharing of consciousness in the shared-death experience when a beloved is dying or has died.

Cheryl My mother passed away in February and before her passing we spoke of our communicating after her death. I wanted her to send me a clear sign that could not be debunked to let me know that she was with my father and she was okay. I received a feather on my dashboard which was a clear sign that could not be debunked. I often try to reach out to her but I get no response at times especially when I need her the most as I mourn for my loss. My question is, what do we know about communicating with our deceased loved ones? I would love to get a visit from my mother.

First of all, Cheryl, please accept my condolences for the loss of your mother. Secondly, how wonderful that you did receive a clear sign. I hope you take that to heart and  appreciate the depth of that communication. Feathers are among the most common signs people report after the death of a loved one.

In terms of what we know about communicating with deceased loved ones: There is a literature much vaster than what I could even begin to summarize for you here.

I think a simple search online will yield great results for you. There are so many good people doing reputable work, such as one of my dearest friends Suzanne Giesemann. In April, my colleague Lisa Smartt will be interviewing and posting a v-log about Bill Philipps who is a psychic medium and just released the book Signs from the Other Side that you might find helpful.  He will be sharing an excerpt from his book with our community members as well.

Also stay tuned for my psychomanteum course that will be coming out this summer 2019.

Matthew I am curious about your work with psychomanteums. Do the spirits need love energy to manifest? Can I hope to see a spirit for whom I have little love for? Does it help if they loved me?

The reason I want to make contact is so I can lose my skepticism. I want to know for sure that we do go on when we pass. Does this motivation hinder my efforts?

From my experience, love does seem to be an important factor in the spontaneous communications that occur after a loved one’s passing, but it is by no means the only factor.  

There are repeated reports of apparitions of people that are known to the person but maybe distantly, such as a brother-in-law or cousin—or even apparitions of people not very well liked. It is not clear why they appear.

I have seen so often that the spirits that materialize in the psychomanteum are ones not at all expected; likewise, the person that one so deeply wants to see does not manifest. It is one of the great mysteries of life and death why and when apparitions appear and to whom. I wish I had an easy answer for you about this.

Some skeptics have life-changing experiences in the psychomanteum and throughout the course of life. We have often heard from people who had NDEs whose life views were completely radicalized through their NDEs.

I also saw this occur with the psychomanteum. However, if someone walks into the experience with a completely defensive attitude, it does seem less likely that anything will occur.

However, clear apparitions appear both to those who are inclined to believe and those who don’t.

Emanuel How can people around the world experience the potential benefits of mirror gazing with the psychomanteum?

I think there are many benefits including relaxation and comfort and exploring your own imagination.  A lot of people have found that the psychomanteum stimulates creativity as well as connection to our deceased loved ones.

I recall hearing of one literary figure who as a child had a metal screen in her parents’ home, and she would watch stories emerge in its reflection. When she was an adult, she realized not everybody saw those pictures.

Scrying is a folk practice that goes back tens and thousands of years and does not fall under the authority or control of psychiatrists, psychologists or medical specialists. It has grown out of folk traditions over the centuries around the globe.

In addition to mirror gazing, how can people increase their chances of having meaningful firsthand ADCs of their ‘deceased’ loved ones?

One way is known as dream incubation. This also goes back to antiquity:

Write a heartfelt letter to the person who died. Spill out your questions and feelings. Put the letter under your mattress and forget about it, and this will often bring a nighttime waking apparition from the deceased. This technique was also used in some of the Oracles of the Dead.

Ruins left behind from the Ancient Greek Oracles of the Dead.

What tools/techniques do you recommend for remembering or recalling past lives memories?  Can someone perform a past life regression themselves from the comfort of their own home?

I do not feel qualified to answer these questions, but there are many who can. Dr. Brian Weiss, Mark Pitstick and Rob Schwartz are among people whom I know and are reputable. However, there are so many who do this work.

While self-hynpnosis can work with things such as stress or even weight loss or exam preparation, it appears to me from experience, that the particular kind of hypnosis that involves regression requires a skilled and trained practitioner to guide you.  However, the gentleman I mention above may offer greater insight into this, so you may want to review their websites.

Raymond My question is regarding shared near-death experience, or at least that is what I think it was.  Back when I was around 11 years old my step-father passed away tragically. The morning prior to his passing, I saw an apparition while I was in a friend’s apartment.  I was walking through a hallway and there was a small mirror in the hallway. I looked at the mirror, and walking behind me I saw a lady, She must have been in her late 30’s, early 40’s, dressed in all red attire, like medieval style of clothing with the puffy sleeves and corset.  I was in shock, but I remember not being scared….more like in awe of what I was seeing.

I was confused to what just happened, and I kept it to myself and forgot about it until nighttime.  I finally told a friend that night, and she told me that it means someone close to me was going to die, and that the red dress meant there was going to be a lot of blood. For some strange reason the thought of my step-father came to mind. That night he tragically passed away, and there was a lot of blood due to the injuries he suffered at the hands of some robbers, as he tried to fight them away.  

Do you think this was a shared near-death experience, or something else?  I have told only a few people about this in my life as most do not think it is true. I spoke to one doctor about this, but it was dismissed as schizophrenia.

First of all, Raymond, I am so sorry that you had to be exposed to such violence at a young age and to suffer such a brutal, and devastating loss.

Spontaneous appearance of apparitions in mirrors happens frequently. It does, indeed, sound like you had some kind of shared-death experience and/or premonition. Premonitions of death are also much more common that previously believed. There is nothing wrong with you. Your experiences were very normal although the tragic circumstances were not. I imagine this is a trauma that has required a lifetime of healing–and so sorry for this loss.

Tom Thanks. How does reincarnation fit into your understanding of life after life.

From all the accounts I have heard, reincarnation appears over and over again as a theme along with the idea that we are souls who are learning lessons of love. Other experts are much more informed and prepared to answer your question more fully than I can, but many NDEers have explained to me that during their NDE, they understood that this plane is part of a learning experience that leads to our becoming better souls and people.

Bertrand & Sayward Do people choose their times of death?

See my answer to this question a few issues ago: 

Ken Who and what determines that we have to return to earth to live another challenging life? Is past karma an important factor? And who are these higher beings that wipe our memory of past lives and talk us into accepting a very challenging life for our next incarnation?

I have  no idea. My trouble of thinking of it that way is that I do not think of it as a matter of past or present lives. Time is a coordinate only in this frame of reality. It appears from what we hear from NDEers that when we leave this dimension, questions that involve past or present do not really have the same kind of relevance.

Someone who specializes in past life regression and research may have more answers for you. (See some of the folks I mentioned above.) 

Gary Are NDE experiences like those of Eben Alexander, M.D. and others compatible with the idea of reincarnation, and, if so, how can we say with any degree of certainty that souls do reincarnate, rather than perhaps the memories people experience being something more akin to what Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. talks about regarding people being able to retrieve such memories from what he refers to as a “morphogenetic field?” 

Or are these two possibilities really not all that distinct from one another, looked at from a certain perspective?

I would say that this is, indeed, a very real possibility–and that you are also correct, that they may not be at all distinct. I very much appreciate this kind of approach to reflecting upon these questions–as my sense is that we really know so little, and that only by leaving the door open to alternate paradigms and interpretations (and realities) can we begin to understand them more fully.

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