A Little Humor From the Hereafter

A Little Humor From the Hereafter

an excerpt from  


a little humor from the hereafter

By Dr. Lester Mitchell, Doctor of Eternal Medicine

as told to Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.author of Life After Life

We all know Dr. Raymond Moody as the psychiatrist and philosopher who coined the term “near-death experience” and researched the transpersonal dimensions of death and dying. However, Raymond also has an interest in the medicinal power of humor.

His book Laugh After Laugh (published in 1978) explores humor as medicine, offering a convincing discussion about the curative effects of a good chuckle. In the coming year, he will be updating the book and sharing his own humor, some of which is included here.

Raymond decided to offer up this playful excerpt from A GUIDEBOOK TO THE ILLNESSES OF THE AFTERLIFE that he also wrote many years ago.  He felt this might be a good time to share this short parody on NDE research with all of you.

Please know that Raymond understands the seriousness of these times and that some of you may be confronting illness, loss and grief. This excerpt is in no way intended to dismiss the gravity of these days or anyone’s suffering. He offers this excerpt with the hope to bring a little healing and a few smiles into our difficult days.

skeleton wearing eyeglasses and blue collared top
Photo: Artur Tumasjan

Disease and illness are an affliction not just of humankind but of all life as we know it. That is too bad, but it is true. Just think about it and you will soon see it for yourself. Every kind of animal or plant on earth is heir to its own diseases. Life would not even be life unless there were some sicknesses to go along with it. And life after death is no exception.

Yes, just as there is illness in this life, there is also illness in the next life. I, Dr. Lester Mitchell, Doctor of Eternal Medicine, discovered this fact during my near-death experience in the world beyond. Shortly after I got my medical degree in this life, I accidentally inhaled too many anesthesia fumes, and my heart and breathing stopped. So, another young doctor had to resuscitate me. When I came back to life, he told me that my heart had stopped for only a few seconds. But in that brief span of time, I got injured in an accident on the other side, and learned all about the diseases the departed suffer in the life beyond.

The moment my heart stopped beating, I got out of my body, and saw myself lying sprawled out on the floor below, beside the empty anesthesia canister. I saw the other doctor trying to bring me back. But then, just like I have heard since then from many of my own patients, I started going down this long dark tunnel toward a bright light. But right at the end of the tunnel, as I was coming out of it, I tripped and fell.

When I looked up, I saw my deceased relatives standing around me in a big circle, looking down at me with a look of horror on their faces. And in no time at all a crowd had gathered, and there was a lot of hubbub going on. I looked up and saw something strange pushing its way through the crowd. I just don’t have any words to describe it to you except to say that it was an ambulance of light.

In an instant, two shining angelic doctors leaped out of the ambulance of light and started examining me from my tip to my rear edge. They told me that they were sorry, but when I tripped and fell out of the tunnel, I had fractured my spiritual pelvis. So, they told me they were going to have to take me to the outpatient clinic at the hospital in the beyond to get me fixed up.

The doctors told me not to worry at all about my body back on earth. They said as far as they knew that was going to be all right. And they told me that where I was then, in the afterlife, time had stood still, and it had been standing still like that for a long long time.

When I got to the clinic in the afterlife, I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity before the doctors could come to treat my fractured spiritual pelvis. In the meantime, I saw thousands of deceased patients come through the clinic and get their many different ailments treated by angelic doctors in glowing white coats. That way I found out about some of the strange medical problems that afflict people on the other side, after they are dead. So this book will prepare you beforehand for the otherworldly illnesses you might suffer from in the world beyond.

Stay tuned for more illnesses from the afterlife in next week’s blog!

In January 2021, Raymond will be offering a workshop, Laugh After Laugh, about humor and healing.