On December 17, 2020
7-8:30 pm ET/ 4-5:30 PT

Dr. Raymond Moody,
Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven and his co-author of Living in a Mindful Universe
Karen Newell, founder of Sacred Acoustics, and
Lisa Smartt, author of Words at the Threshold

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A night dedicated to the curative power of comedy as they read from and discuss

a little humor from the hereafter.

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DECEMBER 17, 2020!

Receive the 30+-page PDF*  written by Dr. Raymond Moody and enjoy a live 90-minute ZOOM Presentation with time for your questions and answers. You will also receive a Free recording of the live event.


Join Dr. Raymond Moody as he reads from his playful parody. Dr. Alexander and Karen Newell will interview Raymond and they will all share what they have learned about how humor can help us “see the light” during dark days.


“The precious book you are about to enjoy, brings our knowledge of the human condition full circle, and provides the key to the kingdom. As Moody has discovered, the afterlife is nothing if not hilarious, which should provide great comfort to all!” – Dr.  EBEN Alexander 

We all know Dr. Raymond Moody as the psychiatrist and philosopher who coined the term “near-death experience” and researched the transpersonal dimensions of death and dying. However, Raymond also has an interest in the medicinal power of comedy.

Dr. Moody wrote Guidebook to the Illnesses of the Afterlife in 1990 and decided to share it at this time, hoping a little light-heartedness might ease the burden for others during these challenging days.  This short book was shared with his friends and colleagues but has never before been offered to his followers.

Dr. Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, and Lisa Smartt have for many years appreciated Raymond’s sense of humor and have now persuaded him to bring his playful parody to the public.

When you register, you receive the 30+-page Guidebook and admission to the live presentation December 17, 2020 7-830 pm ET/ 4-530 PM as Raymond reads from his work. Eben, Karen, Lisa, Raymond and their audience will then delve into an exploration of how humor can offer spiritual perspective and a light heart.

Please know that Dr. Moody understands the seriousness of these times and that some of you may be confronting illness, loss and grief. The book and presentation are in no way intended to dismiss the gravity of these days or anyone’s suffering. Raymond offers this short book and presentation with the hope of bringing a little healing and a few smiles to others.

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