BELIEVE IT CAN HAPPEN with Psychic Medium Bill Philipps

BELIEVE IT CAN HAPPEN with Psychic Medium Bill Philipps

Many of our community members have shared stories of or asked questions about after-death communication that Raymond does not feel fully qualified to address. 

Therefore, we have turned to some of our friends and experts to share what they know about connecting with Spirit. We start the five-part series with highly-respected psychic medium Bill Philipps, author of Signs from the Other Side.


Believe It Can Happen

An excerpt from Signs from the Other Side by Bill Philipps

Who hasn’t wished they could ask a departed loved one for advice, heal an unresolved rift, or even just ask where their grandmother’s strand of pearls is hidden? The best psychic mediums know what solace such messages can provide. They also know that communication with those on the other side can be cultivated by anyone with a sincere and open heart.

In Signs from the Other Side: Opening to the Spirit World beloved psychic medium Bill Philipps illuminates all of this for readers by demystifying what he does and providing step-by-step guidance that allows readers to receive afterlife communications themselves. We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from the book.


No matter what your beliefs, all you need to be able to recognize signs from heaven are an open mind and heart.

Opening your mind to receiving signs simply means believing it can happen. If you have faith in God or in the next life, you are already ahead of the game. If you don’t have a deep-rooted faith in God or in anything else, don’t fret; you can still do this. How? By detaching yourself from your ego and rational mind for a period of time.

 When it comes to receiving signs, our egos and rational minds do us a disservice by trying to find logic in the most incredible messages from the other side rather than accepting those validations for what they are. Set aside any cynicism, any doubts, any preconceived notions, and be open to the possibility that there is something larger than yourself, a kind of energy that is simply above and beyond the human or material.

That energy can be a gut feeling. We all have intuition. You no doubt have gone with your gut when making an important decision, and you have trusted it. That feeling is guidance from God and the spirit world. It’s that part of your soul that is connected to divine knowledge and wisdom, which can be attained by disengaging yourself from your ego and fear-based thinking. Even if you don’t think of spirits as being the source, you can still understand this feeling to be an energy inside you that is instinctual and that you know has guided you in the past and you have been able to trust.

 You can believe in the energy of the universe, an intangible force around us that comes from the stars, the planets, the galaxy. You may not believe that God is behind any of it, and that’s okay — as long as you believe there is an energy beyond the scope of human life that is greater than you and me.

Another type of energy you can tune in to that can open your mind, one that many people don’t think of as an energy, is confidence. Whether you are a superstar basketball player, a dentist, a mechanic, or a famous singer, when you tap into the energy that enables you to perform at your highest level, your gifts shine. If I am not in a confident mind-set, I won’t be a clear channel to give effective readings. Like an athlete who needs to stretch, I have to warm up my mind, which I do through meditation and other methods (which I will share in a moment). The more I warm up, the more my confidence level increases, which puts my mind into a positive and open space.

 So, is there any hope for an atheist to receive signs from the other side? Well, that would be difficult to do, considering an atheist doesn’t believe there isan “other side.” But here is an interesting story to ponder.

A friend of mine told me about one of his friends who is a hard-core atheist. This friend had always been adamant that there is no God or spiritual world or life of any kind beyond this one, and he wouldn’t hesitate to debate anyone on the subject — which is what makes this story so fascinating.

Two days after a natural disaster had occurred in his community, he was volunteering his time at a local organization he belonged to. The organization was a very well-respected nonprofit known for its charity work. In the case of this disaster, he and other volunteers there were accepting donations of clothes and then sorting them and distributing them to families in need. When his work was finished at the end of the day, he was reflecting on what he had experienced, and he was deeply moved by all that had been accomplished and by the outpouring of love and support from donors and volunteers. He was so moved, in fact, that he said that throughout the day he had felt the presence of the long-deceased people who had founded the organization years earlier, as if they had been watching over him and the other volunteers. It was the first time my friend had ever heard him allude to the possibility that there was something beyond this life.

 Was he no longer an atheist after that feeling? No. His beliefs, or nonbeliefs, hadn’t changed at all. But he certainly felt something or he wouldn’t have made that comment.

 To me, there is no question that those founders were there with him and the others. His feeling was real. Unfortunately, he probably released that feeling soon after it arose, listening instead to his rational mind. But it’s proof to me that even those who may think there is no such thing as a spirit world are part of that spiritual web I talked about, whether they know it or not. Had he continued to let that door open wider when he felt what he’d felt, rather than allowing his ego to slam it shut, it potentially could have changed his worldview.

 Signs are always right in front of us. Your loved ones who have passed have probably already sent some your way today. But, without an open and aware mind, they will be useless. It is much like having a conversation with someone. If I explain something to you and you sincerely listen to me, you will understand what I am saying. However, if I tell you something and you don’t listen, my words will still be there, but they will have no effect on you, because you didn’t pay attention.


Psychic Medium Bill Philipps is the author of Signs from the Other Side and Expect the Unexpected. His life’s mission is to help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information, and beautiful messages from Spirit, which heal and bring a sense of peace. Visit him online at

Excerpted from the book Signs from the Other Side.Copyright ©2019 by Bill Philipps. Printed with permission from New World Library —