NDE AFTER EFFECTS by Dr. Debra Diamond

NDE AFTER EFFECTS by Dr. Debra Diamond

What’s an NDE? A mystical journey to another realm? A glimpse into heaven? An opportunity for a reboot? Or is it something else–something ineffable? An experience we can’t possibly fathom?

Trying to understand the complexities of an NDE is complicated and perhaps we’ll never get to the bottom of it. But NDE after effects, those long-lasting, life altering characteristics, gifts and abilities, are even more complex and an aspect of the NDE that experiencers grapple with when they return to earth. Like NDErs themselves, these after effects are rarely discussed for fear of ridicule or embarrassment. Yet, they occur to most NDErs to varying degrees.

So what are NDE after effects? Those sometimes incredible gifts and abilities that didn’t exist prior to the NDE? Are they normal? Are they part and parcel of the NDE? And what do they mean?

These and other questions about NDE after effects arise frequently. It’s a very misunderstood topic, one that most experiencers can’t find information about or process very well on their own. They keep the myriad changes they experience to themselves and only when they speak to someone like me (I’m a psychic and medium who reads for many NDErs) do their secrets spill out.

When I began to study NDEs a number of years ago, their after effects were not part of the conversation. That was one of the reasons I wrote my book, Life After Near Death: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers, to help others understand what these after effects mean and how to live with them. It’s not an easy road. But understanding them lends support to these life altering changes.

When people talk about NDEs, they typically talk about the light, the tunnel or the life review. They might talk about how they were told it’s not their time yet, or how they saw beautiful vistas and felt love. Yet, beyond the NDE, there are complex life adjustments that must be made.

When the NDE is over, how do experiencers return to life? How do they reconcile their new abilities, new beliefs, even new gifts, with their former lives?

As a researcher of NDE after effects, I’ve found that all experiencers return transformed in some way. These transformations may include physiologic,cognitive, emotional, spiritual and psychological after effects.

Some experiencers return with creative gifts, including musical and artistic talents. Others return with cognitive or physiologic gifts, such as enhanced eyesight or hearing. Increased spirituality and enhanced metaphysical abilities such as psychic or mediumistic abilities are also common. In addition, many experiencers changes jobs, friendships and other relationships, including marriages, as life beliefs and goals shift.

True Cases From Life After Near Death

In Life After Near Death ,I examine 15 individuals from a universe of more than 50, who’ve returned from their NDEs with a range of cognitive and physiologic after effects.

There’s the well known musician, who never played a note of music prior to her NDE.

Yet, after the NDE, she felt compelled to sell all her possessions to buy an assortment of musical instruments, even though she had no idea how to play any of them. She embarked on a life altering journey to reproduce the music she heard in her NDE. When asked why, she simply replied that she felt compelled.

Then there’s the former scientist who’s now a visionary artist. As a result of his NDE, he receives downloads of images which he reproduces as metaphysical art. Like the musician, he is compulsively driven.

And the strange case of the NDEr with 32 bins of quantum physics formulas in her bedroom closet. Since she’s a former hair dresser, she has no experience with the quantum physics formulas she receives.

And there are others too. Those who return with enhancements like improved eyesight or improved hearing, higher IQ, and electrical sensitivity. These represent documented cases where significant and measurable changes occurred.

Why is this happening? And more importantly, what’s its meaning?

Experiencers seem to return from their NDEs with their energy altered. These alterations result in enhanced abilities, often expressed as energetic or vibrational phenomena like music or art. In addition, experiencers also express the desire to “spread the light.”

How To Tell If You’ve Had an NDE?

Experiencers often ask, “If I don’t have the same after effects as others, does that mean I didn’t have an NDE?”

This question and others , including the ones below, are ones I often hear from NDErs:

I didn’t return with musical or artistic gifts, so I didn’t have an NDE right?

I’m not sure if I returned with any abilities. I hear things and feel things but I’m probably making it up, right?

I have abilities, but I don’t know what to do with them.

 I don’t feel like myself anymore and I don’t know why.

 And finally, I’m not sure I had an NDE since I didn’t go through a tunnel or see a light.

These are all valid questions. Unfortunately, since information about NDEs is often not openly discussed, many people accept cliches as the ‘norm,’ even if they don’t really pertain to everyone.

While there are certainly more books, movies and television programs available about NDEs than in the past, along with these materials, there’s also misleading information that can sometimes create confusion.

So the answer to these questions is, it depends.

NDEs are a singular experience. Each is unique and each after effect is unique. No two experiencers will have the same experiences or after effects, and there is no one size fits all as far as NDEs are concerned.  I read for many experiencers ( both NDErs and STErs) and the meaning of their experience can only be uncovered by peeling back the layers of the NDE to reveal its nuances and the lessons for all of us. 

NDEs? Yes they’re complex. But there is a reason they happen, a reason they’re surfacing in the public’s consciousness, and a role they play for each of us and for the universe.


Debra Diamond is an author, psychic/medium and public speaker. A former Wall Street money manager, commentator on CNBC and Professor at The Johns Hopkins University, Debra had a transformational experience that left her with unconventional powers as a clairvoyant. Debra has an MBA in Finance from The George Washington University, a Masters certificate in Contemporary Art from Christie’s Education, a PhD from The Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary and has studied at the Jung Institute in Switzerland, The Arthur Findlay College in the UK as well as numerous art and writing residencies. She is the author of  Life After Near Death: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers, (2016)  and Diary of a Death Doula: 25 Lessons The Dying Teach Us About the Afterlife,  (coming December 2019).

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