A Telescope & A Compass for Our Journey

A Telescope & A Compass for Our Journey

Hello, I am Dr. Raymond Moody. I am best known for having coined the term “near-death experience” in my bestselling book Life After Life.

Welcome to Illuminating.

Illuminating is the blog of The University of Heaven, a new online platform for the rational exploration of the afterlife, launching September 20, 2018.

Illuminating will be published twice a month with articles from leading-edge researchers and thinkers in the field of consciousness studies.

Featured Columnist Dr. Kenneth Ring

We are honored to be joined by Dr. Kenneth Ring, highly esteemed near-death-experience researcher and author of the bestselling Lessons from the Light and The Omega ProjectHis book Mindsight is a groundbreaking inquiry into the near-death experiences of the blind.

Ken’s monthly column Notes from the Ringdom features his new series of essays “Waiting to Die” that offer an enlightening and humorous perspective on life and death from a man who has fully investigated both. The column will debut this Wednesday September 5 with a short introduction from Ken on Tuesday September 4th.  Keep your eyes open for what promises to be a compelling series of posts from a masterful writer and thoughtful researcher.

You can prepare for Ken’s column by reading more about him:

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Remedies for Grief

On Thursday and Friday September 6-7 we will publish a two-part series by April Brader. April offers all of us a compass for navigating grief in her article “Herbal Medicine to Heal the Tidal Wave of Grief.” 

April is a near-death survivor and acupuncturist offering insights into and remedies for grief from the perspective of Chinese medicine. 

Researching Final Words with Lisa Smartt

Since 2014, my colleague Lisa Smartt and I have been informally investigating the fascinating language of end of life through The Final Words Project www.finalwordsproject.org .

The project’s blog The Final Word offers a forum for sharing compelling accounts of last words and bedside visions. This week a daughter describes the beautiful view that opened up for her father in his final moments http://www.finalwordsproject.org/the-final-word

It is my hope that The Final Word and The University of Heaven’s blog Illuminating will offer each of you a compass and a telescope for living so that you can navigate life’s challenges while also staying connected to the vast wonders of our universe.

See you on September 20, 2018 when we launch our new educational platform The University of Heaven and together, with experts in the field, we will shed light on the mysteries of shared-death, near-death and after-death experiences.